Alpe-Adria-Cup Relay 19.06.2015 Results Split times
4.AC, WRE, Middledistance 20.06.2015 Results Split times Routegadget
Evning Sprint 20.06.2015 Results Split times
5.AC, Longdistance 21.06.2015 Results Split times Routegadget
Alpe-Adria Cup 19-21.06.2015 Overall standings

Middle distance- course lengths

Here the course lengths for the middle distance on Saturday:

Course: Length: climb: controlls:
[km] [m]
H21Elite/H20Elite 6.00 250 24
D21Elite/D20Elite 4.91 175 19
H18Elite/H21lang 5.06 185 22
H35/H40 5.24 195 21
D18Elite/H50/H21kurz 3.87 145 15
H16Elite 4.08 130 18
D16Elite 3.49 125 16
D10/H10/D85 1.82 15 10
D12/H12 2.40 25 13
D14 2.60 65 13
H14 2.90 65 14
D15-18/D-Hobby/H-Hobby 3.14 75 16
H15-18 3.12 90 16
D21lang/D35/D40 3.61 130 16
H55/H60 3.20 110 13
D45/H65/D21kurz 3.23 105 14
D50/H70 3.01 90 12
H45 4.32 130 17
D55/D60 2.71 60 12
D65/D70/H75 2.44 50 11
Neulinge 2.35 20 13
Offen Lang 5.19 225 21
Offen Kurz 3.16 80 13

Categories merged for AAC results

Both the events on 20th (Middle) and 21st (Long) of June are Austrian Cup races. The event on 21st of June (Long) is Austrian Championship for juniors and seniors. Austrian Starters therefore should be given the possibility to start in their original age categories and being counted for the AAC team ranking as well. Therefore

  • the AAC team members in the WM21 categories may also start in the WM19-20 categories (both categories will have the same courses)
  • the AAC team members in the WM35 categories may also start in the WM40 categories (both categories will have the same courses)

Of course this exceptional regulation will be valid for all AAC Teams.

We ask the Team leaders to consider this special regulation for AAC 2015 when preparing their registration. In case you have sent us your registration already, changes will be accepted.

4 Races – and still not enough?

We can help you!

On Thursday, May 18th an Urban Race will take place in the city of Graz. This event will be organized by our friends from Sportunion Schöckl Orienteering and will be a unique opportunity for sight-seeing in the Styrian capital.

Urban Race: City Park, former Fortress, City Centre

First Start: 5 pm

Meeting point: Graz, Landessportzentrum, Jahngasse 3 (GPS: 47,0770 / 15,4410).

More Information:

Premium Side Event

Brunnenlauf (Fountain Run) in Fürstenfeld

Saturday (20th of May, 2015) will also be the day of the traditional “Btunnenlauf” (Fountain Run) in Fürstenfeld. In the main event, starting at 6 pm, a distance of  10 km will have to be covered. Coming right after this event our Evening Sprint will be started in the same arena. This means: terrific atmosphere with music and food and beverage and above all: many spectators!

Some orienteers, never getting tired, might even take part in the Fountain Run – and maybe some of the runners will try something new with a map in their hands.

More Information is available here:


Detailed Invitations available

Detailed invitations are now available for all competitions. Attention: there is a change in the WRE status of the Long Distance: as we want to offer you the map in 1:10.000 scale this competition was not approved as WRE by the IOF. So only the Middle Distance on Saturday (20th of May) will be a World Ranking Event. Eugen Kainrath was nominated IOF Event Advisor. Further Information:

Invitation Alpe Adria Relay: Alpe Adria Relay

Invitation Middle Distance: TLO 2015_20.6.2015_ TLO_Middle_englisch

Invitation Evening Sprint: Evening Sprint

Invitiation Long Distance: TLO 2015_21.6.2015_ ÖM Long_englisch