Stages and Terrains

The existing Map „Bad Waltersdorf – Hofwald“ from 2006 has been remapped and extended to the south – so we have got a totally new map of a running area that covers about 10km2. The new map was made by the famous Hungarian map maker  Gabor Toth.


The area is very exciting: You can find very detailed areas with lots of valleys and gorges as well as flat and faster areas. It will be very important to find the right orientieering techniques for each area. The Long Distance on Sunday will be totally on the new part of the map that wasn’t used before.

The relay will be in Buchwald – the area around the big swimming pool in Fürstenfeld.


The sprint will be organised in the city area of Fürstenfeld. The newly made „Festungsweg“ makes the newly mapped area exciting again because you can find paths, entries and exits that didnt exist before.

Fürstenfeld Stadt-43