Alpe Adria Cup

The Alpe Adria Orienteering Cup (AAOC) is held every year and contains two individual and one relay competition.

An Alpe Adria Team is formed by a maximum of 15 competitors in each of the individual competitions. The Alpe Adria Team in the relay is formed by a maximum of four relays. The team members can differ within the three competition days. Two coaches are suggested.

The Alpe Adria Categories are W 18E, M 18E, W 21E, M 21E, W 35 and M 35 in individual competitions and W 21 and M 21 in relay competition.

The amount of starting places in the Alpe Adria Categories is as follows:

W 18E: 2 (1)   M 18E: 2 (1)   W 21E: 3 (2)   M 21E: 4 (3)   W 35: 2 (1)   M 35: 2 (1)

(in brackets: number of counting athletes for Team score)

The maximal amount of relay teams is as follows: M 21: 2 (1)   W 21: 2 (1)

The members of the Alpe Adria Teams get free start on each day they are in the team.

Each of the three AAOC competitions counts for the AAOC Ranking of the regions.

In every competition, the best among the team members are the counting runners in the category. So a full AA-Team with 15 competitors can have one runner not counting in every category.

The winner (best placed counting runner) gets as much points as there are counting runners in this category. The second best counting runner gets one point less and so on. So the last counting runner gets one point. Counting runners who are disqualified get 0 points without affecting the other counting runners‘ points.

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